Connectivity - how to watch on your TV

Modern technology is great. You can click a button and whatever is happening on your phone screen is beamed to your TV. So, what gives?


Unfortunately the player we use right now doesn't have the capability to cast independently to your TV,  Chromecast or Apple TV like many other popular stream platforms such as Youtube or iPlayer have.

Hence if you want to use casting, your best (and only) option would be to use the Google Chrome -browser and cast a tab from your computer through to a Chromecast or an Apple TV dongle.

Screen Mirroring

You can of course also attempt screen mirroring (if your device supports this), but please keep in mind that it is difficult to get good streaming quality with this method as it is very demanding on the WiFi signal. Your internet connection speed doesn’t affect the bandwidth which the router can provide internally, so even a fast internet connection might not be able to support screen mirroring at desired quality.

Built-in Browser

All smart TVs, even the older ones, have a built-in internet browser which some users try to use to access the site. It can be possible to access the site itself, but the reason why it is very unlikely that you would be able to view productions directly from your Smart TV is that the browser is almost without exception not sophisticated enough to support the player which we use.

HDMI Cable

The method we recommend is connecting your laptop (or other device) with an HDMI cable directly to the TV, essentially using it as a second screen. We understand that it most certainly is a tad old fashioned to connect using cables instead of wireless methods, but it is also pretty much guaranteed to work. On top of this, you won't need to worry about the WiFi bandwidth and other things you would with casting or screen mirroring. 

We do understand that all of this can be a bit of an inconvenience and sound like a bit of a faff and for that we apologise. 


All that being said, to finish off on a positive note, we are looking to move our consumer site to a lighter, more modern platform in the future. And yes, we will most certainly select a player which supports casting directly from the player to your TV and/or Chromecast and Apple TV.