How often do you add or remove content?

This article explains a little about our processes for both adding new content and, very occasionally, removing it from Digital Theatre+

How often do you add new content?

We are constantly adding new content to Digital Theatre+ and you’ll see just some of this highlighted on the homepage under ‘What’s New’.

To ensure that you hear about all the new content that we add, sign up for our newsletters and new content alerts using the appropriate form for your institution level:

How often do you remove content?

We very rarely remove content from Digital Theatre+ as it is either content we have created and own, or content we have licensed in perpetuity.

Occasionally we may remove pieces of content that have not proven popular or because we were not able to negotiate rights in perpetuity. However, we will always let you know in advance and the total amount of content across DT+ will not decrease, as we are constantly adding new content.