Choppy text rendered with Windows and Chrome

The issue reported is fonts may not render clearly, with rendering artefacts which impede readability.


A small number of reports have been received where PDFs are not displayed correct, resulting in "choppy" text, for example:

Screenshot of PDF displaying artefacts causing choppy text

Affected configurations

  • Windows 10
  • Google Chrome / Microsoft Edge (both Chromium based)


It appears this is a bug with the computer's graphics card driver and Google Chrome's implementation of hardware acceleration when rendering 2D canvases.  

In some cases, users have reported updating their graphics card driver to the latest version has resolved the issue.  Alternatively upgrading to Windows 11 may resolve the issue.


  1. Check with your computer manufacturer to see if a graphics card driver update is available for your computer.  
  2. Upgrade to Windows 11
  3. Turn off accelerated 2D canvas rendering

Turning off accelerated 2D canvas rendering

In Google Chrome, enter chrome://flags in the address bar and press enter.

In Microsoft Edge, enter edge://flags in the address bar and press enter.

In the search bar, type accelerated 2d canvas

Screenshot of chrome flags interface displaying 2d canvas option

Change the setting from "Enabled" to Disabled:

Screenshot showing accelerated 2d canvas option disabled and relaunch button

Click Relaunch