Deep linking via OpenAthens Managed Proxy

This article explains how to use the OpenAthens Redirector to deep link to specific pages when using the OpenAthens Managed Proxy

You can use the OpenAthens Redirector Generator to create a URL that will bypass the 'Where are you from' step.

The generator performs the following steps:

  1. Find the non-proxied address of the page you want to link to. 
    1. For example:
  2. URL encode the address. 
    1. You can use an online tool to do this, such as:
    2. Copy the URL encoded address.  For example:
  3. Construct the OpenAthens Redirector URL as follows:<DOMAIN>?url=<ENCODED URL>
    1. Replace <DOMAIN> with your top-level domain (e.g.
    2. Replace <ENCODED URL> with the URL you created in step 2
    3. For example: