What is Digital Theatre+ doing to address Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Representation?

At Digital Theatre+ we are committed to continuing to improve diversity, equity, inclusion and representation within our content.

Below are some of the actions we are taking, but if you have any suggestions for how we can do more, please get in touch with publishing@digitaltheatre.com

  • Casting actors of a full range of genders, ethnicities and (dis)abilities within our created and co-created content, and making clear to our theatre industry partners that we encourage them to do the same
  • Keeping considerations of DEI, including telling stories of inclusion and exclusion, as a key priority in all content acquisition decisions
  • Handling difficult topics sensitively, including getting this content reviewed externally, and providing support for teachers to do the same in their classrooms
  • Exploring additional product features to support access, such as audio descriptions and transcripts, and carrying out regular accessibility reviews with external partners