How can I share a link to a particular scene in a production?

This article explains how you can send your students a link so that they start watching a production from a specific moment, or jump right in to a particular scene, act or speech.


The easiest way to guide your students is to go to 'Sections' under the main video player, click on one of the Acts, Key Scenes or other chapter types, and then copy the URL from your browser.

For example:

  • "Is this a dagger which I see before me" speech from Macbeth:
  • Act Four of The Crucible:
  • "Don't Rain on My Parade" song from Funny Girl:

Tips and tricks

But there’s also a sneaky trick if you want to go straight to a particular moment within a scene.

Go to the production, copy the URL, and you can then add the start time and the end time in seconds to the end of the URL, in the following format: becomes

You’ll then have a 10-second clip starting at 1 minute 50 that can be shared.

A word of caution

Please note, however, that linking directly in this way does not prevent your students from then continuing to watch the production beyond the section you have sent them to.