Receiving emails to take part in research

This article explains how to ensure emails about taking part in research activities don't end up in your spam folder

Digital Theatre+ uses a service provided by to perform product research, which sends emails from

To avoid these emails being accidentally sent to your spam folder, we recommend you add the domain to your email client, using the Approved or Safe Sender list.

Please find instructions for common email clients as follows:


  1. Open Gmail and click on the gear icon to open Settings.
  2. Go to 'Filters and Blocked Addresses' and click on 'Create a new filter'.
  3. In the 'From' section, type "" and click 'Create filter'.
  4. Check 'Never send it to Spam' and click 'Create filter'.

Outlook (Web)

  1. Go to Settings > View all Outlook settings > Mail > Junk email.
  2. Under 'Safe senders and domains', click 'Add'.
  3. Enter "" and press Enter.
  4. Click 'Save'.

Outlook (Desktop)

  1. Go to the Home tab, click 'Junk', and select 'Junk E-mail Options'.
  2. Go to the 'Safe Senders' tab and click 'Add'.
  3. Type "" and click 'OK'.

Apple Mail

  1. Open Mail and go to Mail > Preferences from the menu.
  2. Click on the 'Junk Mail' tab.
  3. Check 'Mark as junk mail, but leave it in my Inbox'.
  4. Click 'Advanced' and add "" to the 'Safe' list.

Yahoo Mail

  1. Click the gear icon and select 'More Settings'.
  2. Go to 'Filters' and click 'Add new filters'.
  3. Name your filter and in the 'From' field, enter "".
  4. Select 'Inbox' as the folder to deliver the email to and click 'Save'.


  1. Go to Tools > Account Settings > Junk Settings.
  2. Check 'Trust junk mail headers set by' and select 'No Action'.
  3. Go to 'Address Book' and add a new contact with the email domain "".

By following these steps, this should ensure that emails from our user research platform are correctly received in your inbox, allowing you to participate in our research activities without interruption.

If you continue to experience issues, please contact our support team for further assistance.