New Feature: Subject and Skills

We are continuing to improve our education-focused user experience by introducing content discovery by subject and “skill”.

This new functionality aims to simplify the experience of discovering content and to allow teachers to understand and evidence how a resource helps their students learn specific skills that are part of their educational curriculum/standard.

As of May 2024, Subject and Skills content discovery has been superseded for users in schools in the United States by an updated Education navigation menu showcasing our new Study Units feature. Please visit this article for further information.

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What's changed on the platform?

This new functionality provides two new subject directory pages on Digital Theatre+:

The Digital Theatre+ Education team have carefully curated content for these directories and classified this content by associated skills.

What are “Subjects”

Subjects are the key academic subjects that Digital Theatre+ caters to, namely English and Drama (UK terminology) or ELA and Theatre (US terminology).

What are “Skills”?

“Skills” are subject-specific expertise that students learn throughout the course of their
academic career, through the acquisition of knowledge, analytical techniques and technical experience.

Each Skill focuses on a specific ability that students are developing and/or must
demonstrate, for example “Comparing and Contrasting”, “Close Reading” or “Rehearsal and Collaboration”.

Each of our Skills falls under a specific category. These “Topics” include “Literary Analysis”, “Speaking and Listening”, “Acting”, “Technical Theatre” amongst others.

Terminology and Geography

Whilst the Skills identified within the Digital Theatre+ platform are subject-specific, they are geographically agnostic, being applicable to students across geographies as well as all ability levels.

The identified Skills are based on common terms found across global curriculums/standards and on the belief that this is an intuitive and meaningful way of grouping our content for our user community.

The user experience on the site will include personalised directory page labelling by location, so “ELA” and “Theatre” if the user belongs to an institution located in the U.S. or “English” and “Drama” for the rest of the world.

This functionality has been designed for Secondary Education institutions and is not available to those subscribers belonging to Higher Education institutions.

If you believe your institution has been incorrectly categorised and/or you would like assistance exploring this functionality, please contact our Customer Success team who will be glad to help.