How do I renew my Digital Theatre+ subscription?

This article explains the process for renewing your institution's Digital Theatre+ subscription smoothly and with no interruption to your access.

What do we send you?

Once you reach the last 3 months of your current subscription, the main contacts for your Digital Theatre+ account will begin receiving regular reminders that your subscription is coming to an end.

Towards the end of your contract, our Renewals team will then get in touch directly.

These emails will provide you with your pricing options for renewal.

As standard, our Renewals team will offer you 1, 2 and 3 year rates, with a discount incentive for the longer you decide to subscribe for.

What do you need to do?

When you receive your renewal pricing options, you can either:

  • submit your choice immediately by clicking on one of the renewal option buttons
  • reply to the email stating your preferred renewal option and the Name, Email Address and Job Title of the person who will be signing the renewal order form

Our Renewals team will now send you a renewal order form for electronic signature. This is your contract with us and will arrive in your inbox via GetAccept. Please sign and return this to us.

If you will need to raise a Purchase Order for your renewal, you can do this as soon as you have selected your renewal option.

What happens next?

Your renewal will be confirmed within 1 working day of us receiving your signed GetAccept order form.

We will then update your account with your new subscription dates, to ensure there is no interruption of service.

Our finance team will send you an invoice within a couple of days with standard payment terms of 15 days, notwithstanding any prior arrangement.

If you have any questions about your renewal, or are concerned that you have not yet heard from us, please get in touch with us via