Harvesting COUNTER reports

This article describes how you will need to configure your COUNTER 5 (SUSHI) compliant Harvester to collect usage reports

If you require guidance on collecting usage information manually, rather than via API, please refer to the article How to collected usage reports


  • You will need your Customer ID
  • Some customers may have multiple Customer IDs for which they collect usage information for.  If you need any help with understanding what the identifiers are for your organisations, please contact support@digitaltheatreplus.com.


  • The API itself can be found here: https://counter.digitaltheatreplus.com/
  • The API documentation can be found here: https://counter.digitaltheatreplus.com/api 


  • You can find your Customer ID in the Customer ID field on https://edu.digitaltheatreplus.com/reports
  • Your Harvester must include the following parameters, both of which must contain the same Customer ID value:
    • customer_id
    • requestor_id
  • For example: