Harvesting COUNTER reports

This article describes how you will need to configure your COUNTER 5 (SUSHI) compliant Harvester to collect usage reports

If you require guidance on collecting usage information manually, rather than via API, please refer to the article How to collected usage reports


  • You will need your Customer ID
  • Some customers may have multiple Customer IDs for which they collect usage information.  If you need any help with understanding what the identifiers are for your organisations, please contact support.


  • The API itself can be found here: https://counter.digitaltheatreplus.com/
  • The API documentation can be found here: https://counter.digitaltheatreplus.com/api 


  • You can find your default Customer ID in the Customer ID field on https://edu.digitaltheatreplus.com/reports.  This is the ID of the Organisation you are currently signed into.  If your account has multiple Organisations, you will need to collect reports for each.
  • Your Harvester must include the following parameters, both of which must contain the same Customer ID value:
    • customer_id
    • requestor_id
  • For example: https://counter.digitaltheatreplus.com/reports?customer_id=1db49796-e718-4e56-b1c6-d62b6ba3501b&requestor_id=1db49796-e718-4e56-b1c6-d62b6ba3501b


  1. Go to SUSHI management (in Data management)
  2. Click Add New SUSHI
  3. Enter the following values:
    1. Title: Digital Theatre+ 
    2. Platform: Digital Theatre Plus (or create a platform)
    3. Requestor ID, Customer ID and API Key: Your Customer ID value
    4. COUNTER version: 5
    5. URL: https://counter.digitaltheatreplus.com/
    6. Active Report types: DR, PR, IR_M1