How to collect usage reports

This article describes how to collect usage information from Digital Theatre+

If you require guidance on collecting usage via API, rather than manually, please refer to the article Harvesting COUNTER reports


  • You must be signed in to Digital Theatre+


  1. Go to or scroll down to the DT+ website footer and select 'COUNTER 5 reports'
  2. Use the dropdown menu to select the Organisation you wish to generate reports for - you may have only one Organisation in your account or several, if you have different groups of users or different authentication methods set up
  3. Select the date range you wish to generate reports for
  4. Select the types of usage reports you wish to generate - you can find an explanation of the different report types and metrics used within COUNTER reporting here
  5. Click Download reports

If you represent a District, Trust or School Group, then you should contact our Renewals team directly regarding your usage data.

We can provide bespoke reporting to you in a single summarised format, as part of your subscription package with us.