When, where and how can I use my institution's Digital Theatre+ subscription?

This article explains who is allowed to access your Digital Theatre+ subscription within your institution, when and where they may do so, about public performance rights and some of the best ways to share content with others.

Who in my institution is allowed to use Digital Theatre+?

A Digital Theatre+ subscription provides institution-wide access to the platform. The resource may be primarily used by specific departments and for specific courses but all staff and students can access the platform for educational and enrichment purposes. 

Your institution should have an authentication option such as SSO, IP or EZproxy set up for full access. If this isn’t the case or you wish to look at the access options further, please refer to our support article on authentication options: https://support.digitaltheatreplus.com/authentication

How can I show the content to my students?

Your Digital Theatre+ subscription allows you to show the content within your lectures, seminars and workshops with your students.

Students can also view content individually on or off campus, meaning you can set work for students to prepare before and after each session.

They can also use Digital Theatre+ independently for their personal study, self-directed learning and research purposes.

How can I share the content with my students?

The easiest and most effective way of sharing content with your students is to provide URL links to the content in your Learning Management System (e.g. Canvas, Blackboard or equivalent).

Each piece of content on our platform has its own individual URL, so simply copy and paste the URL into the module of your LMS and your students will be automatically directed to the specific piece of content you wish them to view.

If you would like your students to view a specific section of a video resource, you can edit your URL by following the instructions set out in this support article: https://support.digitaltheatreplus.com/linking-to-scenes

We highly encourage adding links to your reading lists as well!

How can I use Digital Theatre+ for enrichment purposes, and do the terms of use change in this instance?

We have a rich collection of resources that can be used beyond educational purposes on the platform and we encourage institutions to utilise these resources for other means, namely for enrichment and enjoyment purposes.

Examples of this include organising live or virtual theatre nights and using the resources for your institution’s societies.

Our content can be shown in communal settings, but please note that the organiser or institution must not commercially benefit from these showings. 

For any further advice or guidance around implementing Digital Theatre+, please contact our Customer Success team.